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Removable Partial Denture

Dental Denture by Dental Chiang Mai


  • Adjustability without the fear of breakage.
  • Great for patients with metal specific allergies.
  • Smaller, lighter partial dentures
  • Excellent fit, adjustability and fracture resistance
  • Outstanding biocompatibility


Multiple teeth partial for temporary placement

Full Denture

What is Full Denture?

Dental Denture by Dental Chiang Mai


The most cost effective full arch replacement


Full Arch teeth replacement

Flexible Denture

What is a Flexible Denture?

Flexible Denture by Dental Chiang Mai


  • Comfort: thin, lightweight and flexible
  • Esthetic and biocompatible
  • No tissue or tooth prep
  • More durable than acrylic
  • Will not stain or absorb odor


  • Any traditional partial application
  • Metal sensitivity


ACETAl Denture by Dental Chiang Mai


  • Stronger than acrylic. Strong enough for tooth-supported appliances and maintains vertical dimension.
  • Tooth and tissue appearing. Natural-looking, tooth-and tissue-colored acetal matches standard Vita Shade Guide.
  • Biocompatible. Monomer free, with no known allergic reactions.
  • Comfortable. Clasps can be made to be put into a deeper undercut for better retention.
  • Stain and bacteria resistant. More resistant to stains than acrylic. Slick acetal leaves no place for bacteria to reside.


Denture Attachment by Dental Chiang Mai


  • Cosmetic Appearance, avoids the need for unsightly clasps
  • Maintainable Periodontal Health
  • Patient Comfort
  • Natural Tooth and/or Implant Abutments can Be Used
  • Precision Attachment Partial Dentures Can Be Adapted to Compensate for Future Changes in the Mouth

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